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ACN Grants and Awards

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The following awards and scholarships are available to ACN Fellows, Members and non-members. Eligibility criteria are listed for each award:

  • Laura Saunderson Fund
    Funding for continuing education for nurses working in aged care within Western Australia.
    Eligibility: Open to ACN Fellows and Members working in aged care in Western Australia.
  • Eric Murray Achievement Award – $1,500
    The award is to assist with continuing professional development or community work that is judged beneficial to the nursing profession and public.
    Eligibility: Open to current ACN students enrolled in one of the following ACN courses:
    • ACN graduate certificate course
    • Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Bridging & Re-entry)
    • Immunisation for Health Practitioners
  • Patricia Slater Award
    This award is for a registered nurse who is within the first three years of graduating from an undergraduate nursing course. The prize is registration, travel and accommodation to attend the ACN National Nursing Forum.
    Eligibility: Must be a Member of ACN.


To be eligible to apply for the following awards and scholarships, applicants must be a nurse who has been an ACN Fellow or Member for three consecutive years or more. Additional eligibility criteria are listed for each award:

  • The College Consortium Fund – up to $30,000
    The research grant is available to registered nurses and midwives to conduct a research project that aims to improve access, equity, quality and outcomes in health care. Applications from research collectives and multidisciplinary groups are encouraged.
    Eligibility: Principal investigator must be a Fellow or Member of ACN.
  • The Sul Stuart Fraser Scholarship
    This scholarship is open to registered nurses wishing to undertake the ACN Graduate Certificate in Perioperative Nursing. The scholarship covers the cost of the course fees.
  • Annie M Sage Memorial Scholarship – $10,000
    Postgraduate research studies in nursing at an Australian university.
  • ACN Scholarship Grant – $5,000
    Postgraduate or honours studies at an Australian higher education institution.
  • Joyce Wickham Memorial Grant – $5,000
    Doctoral studies in nursing at an Australian university.
  • Centaur Nurses Memorial Education Trust – $5,000
    Postgraduate research studies in nursing at an Australian university.
    Eligibility: Must be a registered nurse practicing in Victoria.


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Other opportunities


Other awards

  • Health Minister’s Award for Nursing Trailblazers
    Offered by the Hon. Greg Hunt MP in conjunction with ACN to recognise a nurse who has demonstrated leadership to bring new thinking to a wide range of health care challenges.
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  • Parkinson’s Care Postgraduate Unit of Study Award
    Up to $2,500 towards ACN’s Parkinson’s Care postgraduate unit of study course.
    Must be a Queensland-based registered nurse.