Media Alert - ACN Foundation partnership with Endometriosis Australia

International Nurses Day 2024

The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) Foundation is proud to be part of an important partnership with Endometriosis Australia to train Endometriosis Specialty Nurses (Endo Nurses) to provide much-needed care in communities in rural, remote, and regional Australia.

The new scholarship program will fund training for 100 Endo Nurses to provide high-quality care in communities with limited access to the full range of healthcare facilities and services, including specialised endometriosis care and advice, available to other Australians.

The scholarships – valued at $2,900 each – will be funded by Endometriosis Australia as part of its ongoing Endo Academy campaign.

Applications will be accepted from 1 September 2024, successful applicants announced on 1 December 2024, with the first intake commencing training in January 2025.

Interim ACN CEO, Emeritus Professor Leanne Boyd, said nurses provide quality care and support for those with endometriosis.

Professor Boyd said nurses care for patients with endometriosis in many settings, including emergency departments, schools, medical or surgical wards, perioperative care, mental health facilities, and fertility services.

“In many rural areas where there is no GP or local hospital, the nurse is the main or sole healthcare professional in the community. They are well placed to assist with early recognition, advice, and treatment for people with endometriosis.

“It is a great honour to work closely with Endometriosis Australia on this important initiative,” Professor Boyd said.

During the 10-week unit of study, nurses will be empowered with the knowledge and essential attributes to be advocates for all individuals experiencing chronic pelvic pain and endometriosis.

This unit of study provides the students with the necessary theoretical knowledge to improve how they assess and manage endometriosis and pelvic pain in the clinical setting.

This is achieved by exploring endometriosis pathophysiology, pain physiology, and contemporary, evidence-based treatment and management within various clinical settings.

A holistic, individual, person-centred approach is core to this unit.

You can learn more about Endometriosis Australia and the scholarship program and donate to Endometriosis Australia here.