The Bullwinkel Project Winter Appeal 2023

The ACN Foundation launches their Winter Appeal 2023 to raise funds for The Bullwinkel Project Scholarships.

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The importance of supporting nurses during uncertain times

A highly skilled nursing workforce is imperative to ensuring a healthy community. Nurses are at the forefront of patient care and make up more than half of all registered health practitioners in Australia. Without nurses, there would be no health system. We all know nurses are acutely aware of their obligations and responsibilities to deliver the highest standard of patient care.

The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) Foundation is committed to helping nurses be the best they can be by providing access to scholarships. These scholarships enable nurses to complete and continue professional development, postgraduate study, and research. These scholarships can only be provided with support from our donors.

The importance of supporting new scholarships in the names of the Australian nurse victims of the Bangka Island massacre

On behalf of the ACN Foundation, I am grateful for everyone’s generosity to date and for helping make the sculpture of Lieutenant Colonel Vivian Bullwinkel AO, MBE, ARRC, ED, FNM, FRCNA in the grounds of the Australian War Memorial – the first of an individual woman and of a nurse – come to fruition.

The unveiling of this statue in August will be accompanied by an announcement of 22 new scholarships in the names of the 21 nurses who were massacred beside Vivian on that grave day on Radji Beach in 1942, with another dedicated to Vivian, the sole survivor. Vivian dedicated her life to ensuring the nurses would not be forgotten, and the ACN Foundation intends to carry on her work and legacy. We must remember their courage and selflessness. It is important we link the past, present and future for us to remember their sacrifice, service and leadership.

These new scholarships, funded by The Bullwinkel Project, will provide future generations of nurses with the opportunity to lead their own contemporary journey in providing exceptional skilled healthcare for all Australians.

Your donation is vital for these scholarships to continue in perpetuity

I would like you to consider continuing your support by making a donation at this time, towards The Bullwinkel Project, but this time to ensure that these scholarships continue into perpetuity.

Donations can be received electronically or through hard copy. If you wish to donate to The Bullwinkel Project, you can do so here. We will then ensure you are emailed a tax deductible gift receipt. We look forward to updating you on the scholarships announcement and who will be our first Bullwinkel Project scholars.

The ACN Foundation is here to support nurses... the backbone of the health care system.

For the latest update on The Bullwinkel Project please read our newsletter or for assistance making a donation, please get in touch with the ACN Foundation on 1800 061 660 or email Alternatively, to learn more about the ACN Foundation, please refer to our website.

Warmest regards,

Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward
RN, MMgt, FACN, FCHSM, Wharton Fellow, GAICD
Chief Executive Officer
Australian College of Nursing and ACN Foundation