Summer Appeal

The ACN Foundation launches its Summer Appeal to raise funds for Nursing Research and Policy Scholarships.

We are committed to nurturing the next generation of nursing leaders through our Institute of Leadership. By fostering research and policy development skills, we can ensure that nursing practice continues supporting the best possible patient outcomes.

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Paving the way for a brighter future through nursing research and policy leadership scholarships

Nursing research, innovation, and translation of evidence into practice enable nurses to develop and refine new nursing practice and transform patient care. Research by nurses for nurses will explore elements of patient care, nurse-sensitive outcomes, and the nursing process to improve experiences for patients and their families and carers. Nurses who are offered opportunities to gain research skills will use those skills in their decision-making as professionals.

In a recent report from the League of Scholars, nursing research is the second most impactful area of research in Australia despite being underfunded. We can only imagine what is possible through better investment in nursing research.

At the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) Foundation, our mission is to provide access, through funding, to support initiatives that enhance, develop and recognise contributions made by Australian nurses that will improve the health of the Australian community.

We collaborate with the community to raise funds to support initiatives focusing on research, policy development and advocacy, education, and scholarship.

Your donation is vital for these scholarships to continue

Donations can be received electronically. If you wish to donate to the ACN Foundation Research and Policy Scholarship Summer Appeal, please donate here. We will then ensure you are emailed a tax-deductible gift receipt.

The ACN Foundation is here to support nurses... the backbone of the health care system.

For the latest update on the ACN Foundation please read our newsletter or for assistance making a donation, please contact us on 1800 061 660 or email

Thank you for your donation to support the ACN Foundation's Summer Appeal.

Summer Appeal

Research and Policy Development Summer Appeal

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