Research and policy development

Australia is dependent on the health of our citizens. Highly skilled nursing leadership and care is unequivocally linked to improving the health and well-being of our communities. Working on the frontline in every health care setting, nurses provide the most face-to-face clinical care and are likely to be the first and only health professionals seen by people in remote communities for both specialist and primary care needs.

To ensure nurses are highly skilled and responsive to evolving health care needs of the community, the ACN Foundation supports extensive nurse-led research leading to pragmatic and effective policy changes.

The Foundation continually aims to develop new initiatives, including its recently announced Policy Fellows Program, the first nursing specific health policy fellowship in Australia.

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ACN Foundation Policy Fellows

The program, a first in Australia, is a commitment to invest in the future of Australian nursing leaders. Successful applicants will be emerging in their career, with aspirations to advance their understanding of, and contribution to, policy debate and discussion through the lens of nursing policy development.

Through a structured intensive program, Policy Fellows will enhance their knowledge of, and influence in, policy debate and discussion through the lens of nursing policy development. Access to masterclasses and mentoring allows Policy Fellows to acquire practical skills including, research, writing, presenting and the production of policy documents for national circulation. The Fellowships are tailored to each individual’s learning needs and are valued up to $25,000 each. Policy Fellowships are awarded through application.




Nursing Study Tours

The ACN Foundation’s Nursing Study Tour program aims to provide nurses with the opportunity of learning best-practice and knowledge shared by colleagues. The program is designed to ensure a balanced itinerary of professional lectures, along with exploration of local food, wine, history, and culture of the area visited. Pre-COVID-19, our Study Tours focused on overseas opportunities. Now, with international travel closed for those residing in Australia, we building some amazing study tour opportunities within and across Australia.

To learn more, visit Nursing Study Tours.