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Nursing leadership is complex and demands tailored knowledge and expertise. The Institute of Leadership is where nurses develop leadership skills vital to patient safety, care and advocacy.

Your donation towards the development of scholarships to support nurses to attend these leadership programs is needed. Many nurses who have been accepted to attend cannot because of limited financial resources. Australia has an acute nursing shortage. More scholarships to support nurses are a necessity to keep nurses nursing, training and develop the leadership skills required to ensure our standard of health care continues to be at the level we expect.

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“Nurses influence organisations by driving team cultures and practices that improve patient safety and experience. Nursing leadership and management is complex and demands tailored knowledge and expertise.“
— Kylie Ward, CEO, Australian College of Nursing, August 2019.

We have witnessed how the health landscape can quickly change with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our nurses need the leadership skills to respond to such changes but also need to be proactive to be ready for any development. The Institute of Leadership equips nurses with the required leadership skills to ensure patient safety while delivering high quality care at all times.

Acceptance into the ACN’s Institute of Leadership is highly competitive. The evidence-based programs are uniquely designed for nurses. They offer three renowned leadership programs catering to different stages of a nurse’s career development. These programs include:

Thank you for your donation to support a scholarship for an Australian nurse to attend the highly competitive and esteemed Institute of Leadership.

Nurses are the backbone of the Australian health care system. They need the opportunity to access tailored leadership knowledge and expertise to influence organisations by driving team cultures and practices that improve patient safety and care. The ACN’s Institute of Leadership evidence-based education programs equip nurses to master the complexities of leading in a constantly changing health care environment.

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