The Vivian Bullwinkel Project

Why the legacy of Lieutenant Colonel Vivian Bullwinkel AO, ARRC, ED, FNM, FRCNA is so relevant today.

The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) Foundation is fundraising for the commissioning and installation of sculpture of Lieutenant Colonel Vivian Bullwinkel AO, MBE, ARRC, ED, FNM, FRCNA to be installed in the grounds of the Australian War Memorial.

This commission will be the first sculpture to commemorate the service of an individual woman or nurse in the Memorial’s grounds.

“As an Australian Service Nurse, I sustained life-threatening injuries whilst deployed overseas.

Vivian Bullwinkel’s ability to continue to live her life in the service of others, despite the adversity she had faced, provided me with unparalleled and powerful motivation to do the same.

Vivian Bullwinkel was witness to the death of 21 of her Australian Army Nursing Service sisters. She devoted her life to ensuring that not only did we understand how they had died, but most importantly, how courageously and selflessly they had lived.”

Wing Commander (Ret’d) Sharon Bown RN FACN

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...nurses work on the frontline in every health care setting, providing the most face to face clinical care and are likely to be the first and only health professional seen by people in remote communities for both specialist and primary care?

...the nursing workforce is the largest single health profession and for many years has been highly regarded by the public as the most trusted and ethical profession?

...that throughout history, Australian nurses have faced extraordinary challenges (including the COVID-19 pandemic) with empathy, perseverance, personal sacrifice, leadership, courage and fortitude to deliver authentic skilled care?

...nursing care is unequivocally linked to the health and wellbeing of the Australian community?

The ACN Foundation is committed to ensuring Australian nurses have access to educational, research, advocacy and leadership opportunities that will keep them highly skilled and at the cutting edge of health care delivery.

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The ADF Nursing community is trying to raise $10,000 which will go towards sculpting and establishing a statue of Vivian Bullwinkel in the grounds of the Australian War Memorial. Please help us by making a donation through our page.


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