Graduate Certificate Alumni Program

The ACN Foundation is proud to announce a new Alumni Program for nurses who have earned a Graduate Certificate from the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) or its predecessor The College of Nursing (TCoN).

Since unification in 2012 when ACN was established, we have been on a momentous and rewarding journey to find and deliver best practice in supporting nurses and the health of the Australian community. Today, the ACN is recognised as Australia’s leading educator of nurses and the leader of the nursing profession.

Since 2014, when our Graduate Certificate program in its current form was introduced, close to 5,000 nurses have earned an ACN Graduate Certificate qualification.

ACN Foundation Graduate Certficate Alumni Program


Alumni Program benefits

Provide a platform for ACN graduates to:

  • Share their journeys
  • Find opportunities to build new networks and contacts
  • Discover new ways to engage with the community at large
  • Inspire future generations of nurses to complete their own specialty Graduate Certificate.

Help us grow

Through the ACN Foundation Graduate Certificate Alumni Program we hope to build a vibrant community of graduates. To help grow this Alumni program we welcome your comments, input and involvement and look forward to your participation.

Please send your stories, thoughts and ideas to


ACN Alumni share their journeys

Kara Smith

ACN Graduate Certificate in Community and Primary Health Care Nursing

“During my second year of my Bachelor of Nursing degree, I was allocated a placement in a district nursing service in a rural Victorian town. At the time, I thought the best part was having family who lived in the town to stay with, however this placement ultimately ignited my passion for community nursing and guided my nursing career onto this path."

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Djordjina Trninic

ACN Graduate Certificate

“My name is Djordjina (pronounced Georgina) Trninic and I have been nursing over 25 years. I completed the Post Graduate Certificate in Perioperative Nursing Course and Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Management many years ago."

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Mary Ritchie

ACN Graduate Certificate

“I completed a post graduate certificate in 2019 through Australian College of Nursing (ACN). During the course I encountered many difficulties in my personal life, an accident caused my husband to lose the ability to ever work again, my daughter received a life changing diagnosis and injury and I travelled overseas to care for my mother during cancer treatment. I received such great support from ACN and my tutors."

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Kathryn Connor MACN

ACN Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management 2021

“Undertaking the Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management has reignited my passion for nursing leadership. Investing in post graduate studies has enriched my skill set and strengthened my leadership capability operationally at a local level and enhanced my confidence to contribute to the organisational strategic direction on key focus areas - safety, fiscal, workforce, quality improvement and clinical practice."

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Photo source: Olivia Bilson SVHM Comms team

Liz Hair MACN

ACN Graduate Certificate in Stomal Therapy 2020

“More recently I have commenced working for Ramsay Health as the Nurse Unit Manager of the Rehabilitation unit. The knowledge gained from my Postgraduate has enabled me to have a very holistic overview for patients in the unit. The skills I gained have been transferrable and the leadership subject has assisted with achieving my management role.”

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