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Love the idea of the alumni. I always enjoyed reading the forums (assessments) and chatting to my classmates, sharing experiences and advice - provided great insight and collegiality whilst weaving research and best practice - I learnt so much. Networking post course completion would be brilliant - extending connection post course - powerful. Love that. Can’t wait to be a part of it!

ACN Graduate Certificate (GC) in Leadership and Management is pertinent for nurses at all stages throughout their nursing career – whether you are a mid-career nurse striving towards a leadership role or a seasoned Nurse Manager (NM) seeking continued advancement within a supportive professional network.

Undertaking the GC in Leadership and Management has reignited my passion for nursing leadership. Investing in post graduate studies has enriched my skill set and strengthened my leadership capability operationally at a local level and enhanced my confidence to contribute to the organisational strategic direction on key focus areas - safety, fiscal, workforce, quality improvement and clinical practice.

Drawing on key toolkit skills attained during the course, reflective practice, leadership models, communication styles and human resource management - affording me the proficiency to navigate the path of uncertainty during the pandemic through the integration of nursing research driven culture as the forefront of best practice. The GC course content is on point with its practicality to the current clinical environment. Engaging, thought provoking and grounded in evidenced based best practice, nursing research intricately woven throughout the course literature with direct applicability to an evolving landscape of criticality and acuity in clinical practice.

As a Nurse Manager, the GC created a solid foundation and smooth transition into the Nurse Executive Leadership Program (NELP) which shares the strong bonds of collegiality and networking achieved through connection and learning from shared experiences in a safe professional community.

ACN is at the forefront of nursing leadership, driving decision making and progressing the nursing profession. Choosing the GC with ACN has opened my eyes to endless possibilities in nursing.

Photo source: Olivia Bilson SVHM Comms team

Kathryn Connor MACN

ACN Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management 2021

Neurosurgery Nurse Manager, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne