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My name is Djordjina (pronounced Georgina) Trninic and I have been nursing over 25 years. I completed the Post Graduate Certificate in Perioperative Nursing Course and Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Management many years ago.

I would like to share the benefits of my Post Graduate Certificate journey with graduates and future Graduates. The material for each course was well presented, great support was on hand when needed and studying by correspondence really easy.

A Post Graduate Course can very useful in any specialty, for clinical work as well as management highlighting and reinforcing the prestige of being the recipient of a Graduate Certificate.

As well as gaining intrinsic knowledge of the specialty I was working in at the time, Perioperative/Endoscopy Nursing, the benefits of my two Graduate Certificates extended to transitioning to another specialty at a time I needed to find alternative employment. After an injury I needed to do a role that was a little less weight bearing and was required to find other employment. My Graduate Certificate in Clinical Management assisted me in entering another Nursing field and role as Case Manager and now in my current role as Drug Health Nurse Unit Manager.

I am hoping that by sharing my nursing story, and enthusiasm for ongoing learning that other Nurses will feel inspired to get their Graduate education as despite being not only academically beneficial it can be practical and functionally beneficial as various doors are opened, and make understanding a new career pathway a lot more easier and transitioning smoother.

Djordjina Trninic

ACN Graduate Certificate in Perioperative Nursing and ACN Graduate Certificate in Clinical Management