Mary Ritchie

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I completed a post graduate certificate in 2019 through Australian College of Nursing (ACN). During the course I encountered many difficulties in my personal life, an accident caused my husband to lose the ability to ever work again, my daughter received a life changing diagnosis and injury and I travelled overseas to care for my mother during cancer treatment. I received such great support from ACN and my tutors.

Being ‘old school’, I didn’t take online learning too well initially, but the effort was well worth it. The support and guidance I received was remarkable. Because of this I gained confidence in my ability to study from home and am now about to complete my Masters Degree. I hope to move from ward-based nursing into education-based nursing in the near future. This achievement was largely started due to the support and encouragement I was given through ACN. My husband cannot work and so I need to remain fit and healthy in order to continue working for the foreseeable future.

Furthering my education has given more options to move into work that is more sustainable for my future as well as my future earning capacity. I am about to apply for a clinical nurse specialist position with the support of my manager, this is also possible in part from the qualification I received from ACN. I am so pleased with the support and confidence I gained from a learning experience that kick-started a whole new career path.

Mary Ritchie

ACN Graduate Certificate