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When I commenced my Post Grad in Stomal Therapy I was a generalist nurse in the community. I was hesitant that fitting study in to my work and family life would be challenging but I am so glad I took the leap dove into furthering myself.

The course complemented the skills I was using daily such as wound and catheter care. As I was completing the course, opportunities to undertake specialist nursing roles became available such as leave relief for the Stomal CNC and a secondment into the Continence specialty team providing me with the chance to consolidate my learning in a practical environment.

More recently I have commenced working for Ramsay Health as the Nurse Unit Manager of the Rehabilitation unit. The knowledge gained from my Postgraduate has enabled me to have a very holistic overview for patients in the unit. The skills I gained have been transferrable and the leadership subject has assisted with achieving my management role.

My skills now are used to support Rehabilitation patients, nursing staff on the ward and patient’s with stoma formation. The Postgraduate Certificate in Stomal Therapy has accelerated my nursing career and reminds me that sometimes you just need to dive right into a challenge.

Liz Hair MACN

ACN Graduate Certificate in Stomal Therapy 2020

Nurse Unit Manager, Rehabilitation Unit, Nowra Private Hospital