Named Sub-fund

Consider a Named Sub-fund with the ACN Foundation

The value of a Named Sub-fund also known as Endowment Fund, is priceless. It can evoke memories and the history of an individual and all of their achievements. A sub-fund can be a very powerful for not only the individual or business but also for the community it is supporting. It is a long-lasting legacy for everyone involved.

The ACN Foundation continues to facilitate charitable giving and the distribution of funds across ACN’s programs and pillars supporting nursing. One of the options we offer is the opportunity for donors to set up their own named sub-fund to make a valuable and lasting contribution. Sometimes these are known as endowment funds.

To learn more about ACN Foundation Named Sub-funds, please contact Julijana Trifunovic – Director of Philanthropy at

Why create a Named Sub-fund?

There are many reasons, but some include:

  • Remember a loved family member in perpetuity
  • Financially support activity in your specific area of community interest; and
  • Encourage staff to become more active participants with your community

A Named Sub-fund allows a person, family, business, organisation, or group of contributors to create substantial ongoing impact. This allows them to identify and support a particular interest with a financial commitment.

What is a Named Sub-fund?

A Named Sub-fund is an account used to collect or hold funds that generates income. The income is then dispersed to activities within the ACN.

A Named Sub-fund gives the donor the opportunity to help nurses on a personal level. It is an efficient way of supporting your area of interest or to commemorate a special someone.

Setting up a Named Sub-fund is a simple option for an individual or family who want to give in perpetuity without the cost and legal requirements of setting up a Private Ancillary Fund or Family Foundation. Donations can be made at any time and many people can contribute.

A Named Sub-fund gives you the opportunity to assist at a direct and personal level. It is an effective way of supporting your area of interest in nursing, or to commemorate a special someone.

How your Named Sub-fund would work

You can choose the name of your sub-fund and then you will work with the ACN Foundation on agreed details within a simple Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Contributions are accumulated in your named sub-fund and through the investment, income is generated. It is then available for distribution. Distributions of income will be in accordance with the MOU but need to be within the parameters allowed by the Australian Taxation Office for tax deductible gifts.


Benefits of a named sub-fund include:

  • Perpetual funding
  • Minimal administration costs
  • Transparency
  • Experienced guidance on effective philanthropy
  • Documented history and reporting of the difference you’ve made to nursing
  • Compliance with regulatory charitable requirements

The ACN Foundation can help you identify the right projects for maximum impact.

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To learn more about ACN Foundation Named Sub-funds, please contact Julijana Trifunovic – Director of Philanthropy at