Make a gift in your Will

Your Legacy. What will it be? Acknowledge your personal legacy through making a gift in your Will (bequest) to support scholarships for nurses. Consider a gift that will keep giving.

The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) and the ACN Foundation have both been recipients of bequests. Many of these bequests stipulated that the gift should be in support of scholarships for nurses or used at the discretion of the Directors for purposes in support of the ACN Foundation. Some bequests were more prescribed in that the bequest stipulated a specific scholarship in their own name i.e. The Susie Smith Scholarship for ER Nurses.

Making a gift in your Will (bequest) in support of nurses through the ACN Foundation ensures there will be growing support for nurses in the future. A gift that keeps giving. Your gift, through a bequest will be acknowledged forever and a day and your goodness remembered.

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make a gift in your will



“I’m such a proud nurse, with my focus and drive relating to the caring aspects of nursing, with my ethos being to treat others the way you’d like yourself or your family to be treated.

I’ve had such a fortunate career, and would like to pay it forward, to reward nurses who demonstrate that they genuinely care, on a daily basis, rather than by simply writing a good application. I’d like to set up a scholarship (or my legacy- maybe the (name) award/scholarship) to be used towards the goal of providing better clinical, bedside nursing ‘care’. I’m not sure of the amount to be awarded each year, but this would be funded by a donation in my Will. I have a solicitor ready to finalise the documents, but just need guidance as to how to correctly word it for this to occur.”

— Member of the Australian College of Nursing 2021


Want to know more?

Please contact the ACN Foundation via email and request a Legacy brochure. Alternatively, please contact the Director of Philanthropy on 0434 133 619 or 1800 061 660 to explore the opportunities and options for creating a gift in your Will.