It’s Time for Nurses Scholarship Fund

It’s time. Will you make a donation for as little as $15.00 and show your support for Australian nurses? Will you help ensure they are able to continually stay current and upskill as needed? Without Australia’s skilled nursing workforce, the health of the Australian community would be at risk.

Your donation to It’s Time for Nurses Scholarships Fund will mean more scholarships for nurses to help them ‘close the financial gap’ while they study and upskill. A nurse’s training is never done – just witness the hundreds of nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic who came out of retirement, and/or upskilled to look after their communities. Nurses are there for us. It is time for us to be there for them.

Being able to provide nursing scholarships allows nurses, the backbone of our health system, to keep investing in their education and continue to provide the highest quality health care for our communities.

When a nurse is investing in their education, there is often a financial gap when needing to attend professional conferences, upgrade technology resources or even traveling for upskilling training.

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